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Event Introduction

10th– 17th April 2005 will see the third running of the ‘Run Paris to London' event.

In April 2003 nine runners commenced an epic journey to run the Paris Marathon, the London Marathon and the distance in between - some 230 miles in 8 days. Five runners completed the full distance, with the remainder being thwarted by injury and illness. However every runner had a unique and inspiring story to tell. The huge interest following the challenge just goes to highlight the unique nature of this challenge. Reports have appeared in 'Running Fitness' in the UK, 'Ultrafondus' and 'Vo2 Endurance' in France and a number of other publications in the UK, France and South Africa. 2004 saw the second running of the event, though limited in numbers due to the marathons being two weeks apart. Unfortunately no one completed the challenge, which goes some way to highlight the difficulty of the challenge.

As the name denotes, the Challenge involves running from Paris to London. After completing what is widely regarded as one of the top marathons in the world in Paris, the runners head to the French coast at Dieppe. The route through France is on small, picturesque, and quiet country roads with overnight stops being made in tiny French villages, which go out of their way to accommodate the runners and their entourage. The only stretch of the journey that will not be covered on foot is crossing the channel, which will be done by ferry, courtesy of Hoverspeed, from Dieppe to Newhaven. After a relaxing rest on the ferry the runners head to London. Those who still have not satisfied the craving for endorphins on Sunday morning the 17th April will approach Blackheath and the start of the Flora London Marathon for the final 26.2 miles of their epic 230-mile journey. The adventure entails an average of more than a marathon per day (approximately 28 miles) for 8 consecutive days with each runner having to complete the full distance individually.

Runners from Britain, South Africa, India, Australia and France have competed adding to the international flavour of the event. It is anticipated that the event will grow in stature and numbers during the third running of the event.

The event is supporting the charity 'Get Kids Going' - a charity that allows disabled children to get involved in sport.

Please feel free to browse the remainder of the site, get training, and we'll see you on the 10th April 2005 in Paris. If you wish to enter, please read the guidelines first, and then enter either via post or online.

* You can find out more about last year by downloading & reading some of the numerous publications

- Running Fitness

- Ultrafondus

- Runners World