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We aim to make 'Run Paris to London' the greatest possible running experience by taking care of the essentials while you're on the road. We will provide:

- Support vehicles to transport your luggage
- Accomodation for the entirity of the challenge
- Roadside support (water, energy drinks,energy food etc...)
- Meals
- Ferry crossing
- Detailed updates on the challenge through the event website
- Transportation for the route if you are forced to withdraw
- Tshirt, other goodies, and some great memories

All you have to worry about is the running!


We do not provide entries into the London and Paris Marathons. The Paris Marathon can be simply entered on the web ( as is on a first come first served basis. The London Marathon can be entered via the ballot in August. International runners should seek a place via an agency, or via the International ballot.Full details can be found on the London Marathon website. ( The option of running for a charity via a golden bond place is also a very popular method of obtaining a place in London.

All stages will be timed. However there will be certain exclusion zones, due to safety reasons. The run after the Paris marathon to the accommodation (4.1 miles) will not be timed. This is to ensure safety in the French capitol. The final approx 10k into London will not be timed. The split time will be taken at a convenient point before the runners enter London.

There will be an earliest start time everyday, that runners will be able to begin the course. The organisers may decide to split the start times of the field in order to accommodate the varying paces. You must start at your designated time. This will vary depending on the standard of the runners.

Only the distance scheduled for the day may be completed. The runners may not begin the next day's stage before their start time.

There will be a strict cut-off time for the stage running into Dieppe, in order to catch the ferry. You must arrive at the ferry port by 11am. You will be free to start at whatever time you choose after 5am (21 miles). If you miss the ferry you will have to make your own arrangements to cross at your own expense and you will have been deemed to fail the challenge.

For the other stages there will be no strict cut-offs. However as the event is primarily a running event, stage times should not average much over 15 min/miling. It will be difficult to supply anyone who is running/crawling/hobbling any slower than this, so they will be expected to be able to carry their own provisions. We will be more lenient in the closing stages! We do not impose an entry qualification, however this challenge is extremely difficult, and should not be taken lightly.

Due to the locations in which we will be staying some accommodation will be very basic. You will need to provide a sleeping bag and camping mat, or whatever you wish to sleep on. We also insist that all the runners participating in the challenge sleep in the same accommodation to ease the logistical difficulty, as well as levelling the playing field.

The route is pre-determined to ensure that smaller, quieter roads are used throughout the challenge. Therefore we insist that you stick to the course, which will be marked and you will be provided with basic route instructions on the day.

Our drop out policies are stipulated on the entry form. These are imposed due to the fact that we have to commit very early to obtain accommodation and services. It ensures that we can bring you the best quality event. There will be NO exceptions to this policy.

The only thing not included in the price is transport to Paris and back again from London. However we recommend that you book a single flight with one of the low cost airlines (Easyjet, BMI Baby etc...) to Charles de Gaulle, which can be purchased for under £20.

This is a charitable event run by volunteers on a not-for-profit basis. If you wish to aid the organisation then please drop us a line at

There are no prizes, and should be regarded as a huge personal challenge.